Leisure time

cas_1Brno is the second largest city in the Czech Republic. It’s one of the most significant shopping and social centres (BVV Trade Fairs and Brno racing). Brno is surrounded by many incredible places, which are worth visiting. Nevertheless Brno centre itself is an oasis for historical monuments and parks. Get to know the landmarks of this spectacular city such as Špilberk castle or the cathedral of St. Petr and Pavel. The Labyrinth under the Zelny Market will take you on a tour through tangled lanes and in the Observatory you can discover the Universe. Two of the most visited tourist attractions are Tugendhat Villa and the gothic church St. Jacob, which was built in the13th century. Those who appreciate nature will like the botanic garden, arboretums or the zoo on the ridge of the Monk Hill where you can absorb all the beauty of fauna and flora. You can enjoy your time with the family in the area of Brno dam or relax in one of the many parks. Brno also offers plenty of exciting places such as the Mahen theatre, the Goose on a string theatre, museums and galleries. Enjoy unforgettable moments by discovering the beauty of this city and its neighborhoods. The hotel Pyramida welcomes you.

Slavkov u Brna

This town, which is known for the battle of the three Emperors in 1805, is located just 20 kms east of Brno. The biggest attraction here is the Baroque castle with gardens and a golf course. Slavkov has got a very beautiful city centre and really interesting Jewish historical monuments.

Aqualand Moravia

This is currently the most modern aquapark in the Czech Republic. It has 7 swimming pools, 12 toboggans, 9 saunas and 4 whirlpools. Be the first person and try the two outdoor water attractions ‘Abbys’ and ‘Boomerang’, which are designed for three-digit rafts (the first of its kind in the Czech Republic). In addition to this, Aqualand Moravia offers a cryo chamber, Roman Baths and a restaurant seating 480 people. This family complex is approximately 20 minutes from Brno. It’s definitely worth a visit!

Lednice – Valtice area

This sunny cultural-natural complex in the South Moravian region has the largest preserved floodplain forest, which will definitely appeal to those who love water and hiking. There are plenty of historical castles, archeological monuments, colonnades and forests, which will amaze you! Between the two centres: Valtice and Lednice is a unique manmade landscape with a great number of ponds, parks and romantic pavilions such as Apollo temple, the temple of three Graces, Lány and Pohansko. You can easily get to Lednice-Valtice by car in less than half an hour.
There are numerous natural reserves with long distance cycling trails. If you fancy mountain hiking then you can’t miss out Pálava, which will captivate you with a unique view of the Lednice-Valtice area.

Punkva caves

Take a trip to the Punkva Caves. You will go through massive underground spaces and corridors with stalactite formations down to the bottom of Macocha Abyss.
The depth here is 135 m. Punkva caves are part of the longest cave system in the Czech Republic. The known length is greater than 30 km. It’s not a surprise that this unbelievable place is visited by 200,000 people every year and is one of the most visited places in the Czech Republic.

The Castle Veveří

It’s situated approximately 20 km northwest from the centre of Brno,over the Brno dam. It’s one of the largest and biggest areal not just in Moravia but also in the Czech Republic.
As we know it was created/formatted at the turn of the 12th and 13th century as a hunting area for moravia margraves. Since 1999 it has been taken under the control of the National Park in Brno which has been progressively recreating this considerably devasted area. You can get one of the best views of this amazing castle from the decks of the boats which float over the Brno dam. As your arrive to the west entrance you will see the 12th century chapel of the God´s Mother.

Stone colony – the only art colony in the Czech Republic

Visiting this stone colony, known as Kamenka, is like seeing a completely different place many decades ago. This place is made of 130 historical houses placed in an old gravel quarry northwest of the Red Hill. These original small houses (only 40 m² in size) were built from unused materials and broken bricks by poor workers from Kohn brick factory in 1926. In the 70s and 80s the workers were replaced by artists who found calmness and inspiration for their arts right here.
Don’t miss out on a visit of this unique place – Stone colony.